There’s no need for escalators or people movers here

When you’re at most airports, it can take forever to reach your gate. Cheyenne Airport is different: modern, easy and uncrowded. Your gate is always a short walk away.

The right size

Now you can start your trip without battling unpredictable Denver traffic—and without taking hours to reach your gate. This is how flying should be.

Modern conveniences

This new terminal features nearly 30,000 square-feet and has room for three airlines. You’ll have plenty of room to enjoy your trip and not be jostled around.

Terminal FAQ

Here are some responses to the most frequently asked questions about the Cheyenne airport terminal.

Shop, dine and relax

Terminal shopping

Grab a souvenir to remember your visit to Cheyenne and the Front Range. Are you a potential retailer? We have space for you.     

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Enjoy the views

Visitors have shared their favorite views in and around the Cheyenne terminal. Watch a slideshow, or send your pictures.    

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